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“What’s in a name” An interview with Chris Karns

Recently it has come to my attention that many DJ’s have been considering changing their professional stage titles in exchange for their given names. Now there are many reasons why a DJ may want to change their name rather that be for a fresh start, a new direction in their career or maybe they just got sick of their old alias, as simple as that. To further explore the topic of why DJ’s decide to drop their stage names I contacted Chris Karns formally know as DJ Vajra and asked him some questions on why he decided to personally make the change….Peep it



“What’s in a name” An interview with Chris Karns


- For those who are not familiar with the story can you tell us how did you come up with the name DJ Vajra and what does it mean?

 I don’t want to have to tell that story anymore, and that’s part of the reason I changed my DJ name.
- Have you ever gone by any other names in the past or was Vajra always your first choice?


It was the first one that I won a battle with, and I never really loved it, but I got stuck with it.


- What important factors did you take into consideration when choosing your original DJ alias.


I wanted something different, that no other DJ would have, so I could be original.


- At what moment did you decide that it may be time to drop the name Vajra and why?


Every time I would say that name to people, or introduce myself on the mic at a show, I would get this horrible feeling inside. I hated saying it, spelling it, explaining to people what it means. It just wore on my nerves so much and I couldn’t bear to do it anymore.


- What was the biggest reason for changing your name from DJ Vajra back to your given name?


Because Vajra is a terrible name. Nobody could ever say, spell pronounce, or remember it. My real name is at least easily said and spelled, so I went with that.


- Do you think by changing your name at this stage in the game will detour or confuse your current fan base at all and if so what do you have planned  to keep that from happening.


No. My fans don’t care what my name is. They will figure it out after a while.


- So now that you have officially changed your name to Chris Karns how are folks taking to it, are they treating you any differently and if so how has it effected your career so far?


I have had nothing but positive feedback. It’s still too early to tell how it will effect my career, but I hope good things will continue to happen.


- What does Chris Karns have in store, what does the future hold for you and what are you looking forward to most with your career?


 I have a lot of new music, videos, and show ideas in the works. Keep up with all my news and updates through


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