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$ 249.00

👀👅Woo!💥 The Photon Fader is here!!! Now you can skratch the files on your iPad and iPhone with your portable or even put it next to your turntable! Skratch extremely accurate with w no delay! 💿 Adjust the sharpness of the fader as much as you like, all the way down to nothingness👌 Cue points, and even effects for analog vinyl! The usb connection to the computer or iPad powers it and sends the data to the computer/iPad! Use it as a spare fader in case you get to the party and their mixer sucks! 👾 😉 

: * Turns any turntable into a DVS-capable device with VIPERKITTEN cross-cutter technology * Integrated phono preamp and usb sound card * The sharpest cut EVER! Two adjustable trimmers allow you to set your cut-in without any messy calibration steps! * 8 Pads with a switchable bank button give you remappable hotcues/instant doubles! * Mappable FX and Thru buttons allow you to trigger FX or quickly switch between DVS and analog vinyl * Class-compliant USB MIDI device works with iOS, Linux, Android, Mac OS, and Windows without drivers!

* Compatible with Traktor, Mixxx, DJ Player Pro, Ableton, or any software that receives MIDI!

.* Skratch on a portable turntable with DVS on your iPhone or iPad using the Photon and DJ Player Pro!

Comes with free carrying case and red crossfader knob. (Other colored knobs will be sold separately).

Tell us what ya think! More info coming soon... or reach out to the team on Instagram: @jessedeandesigns @djhardrich @yogafrog808 🎚 #photonfader #vprktn

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