🔥TRX Chrome Extraterrestria Mixer!🔥


$ 600.00 $ 750.00

In collaboration w Thud Rumble and DJ Tech, this gorgeous mixer was designed specifically for Dj Qbert's album, Extraterrestria! A limited run of only 100 were made for the lucky Kick Starter supporters a few years back! Each one numbered and comes with a card complete with hidden messages all in alien writing (decipherable with the decoder found in the CD, puzzle pieces or vinyl versions of the Extraterrestrial album). Pretty much the same as the black or white TRX mixer but with a chrome faceplate and ET writing all over it! We found the last mixer and kept it because it had minor problems with the little filter faders... but if you just keep the filters at the neutral position, the mixer works perfectly! (But why would you use a sexy mixer like this anyway? lol!) Mirror perfect faceplate, looks like new in the box and could possibly be the most beautiful mixer ever made! Good luck!

More mixer details: 


  • Integrated innoFADER Mini on all 3 faders(compatible with Innofader Pro) 
  • 2-Channel Switchable Phono / Line Input
  • Stereo XLR Balanced Output
  • Dedicated Post-fader Direct Output for each channel (great for recording your skratches, beats, and mixes separately!!!)
  • 1/4″ and 1/8″ Headphone Outputs  (with Master Cue monitoring option and Channel Cue Fader)
  • Stereo 1/4″ Booth Output
  • Stereo RCA Aux Input / Output
  • Neutrik XLR/TRS Combo Microphone Input
  • 2-Channel High-pass / Low-pass Filter Effects Faders with Reverse Function
  • Dedicated Left / Right Pan Faders
  • DVS mode: Switch between the traditional Vinyl/CD setup and DVS software setup without reconnecting a single cable
  • Superb skratch performance with Adjustable Crossfader and Channel Curves with Reverse Functions
  • Universal Power Supply: AC 100~240V, <= 8W. No more wall warts!
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