DJ Happee & DJ Niques Present: Burritos & Tacos


$ 4.00

DJ Happee (Smoke Breaks) and DJ Niques (Needle Thrashers Alpha) have teamed up
in the kitchen to bring you some San Diego style burritos and tacos for your
next skratch fiesta! Add your own fresh ingredients and hot sauce to enhance the flavor!

Beat listing
Burrito side:
Beat 1: DJ Niques - Carne Asada
Beat 2: DJ Happee - Sour Cream
Beat 3: DJ Niques - Guacamole
Beat 4: DJ Happee - Pollo

Taco side:
Beat 1: DJ Niques - Beans
Beat 2: DJ Happee - Salsa
Beat 3: DJ Niques - Cheese
Beat 4: DJ Happee - Lobster


Side A Preview

Side B Preview

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