SUPERSEAL Serato 6 Pack


Skratchy Seal announces his first ever project with Serato.  This very special collection offers a ton of never-before-heard skipless sounds like MC grunts and juggle beats on one side to skratch, and of course Serato tone on the other side. 

The records are available in 7" sets, 10" sets and 12" sets.  Each set includes TWO records.  Sets are available for individual purchase or save on purchasing a 6 Pack bundle.  The 12" records also include two limited edition Butter Rugs.

As an extra treat, when pieced together, all jackets create a unique piece of Super Seal artwork designed by Yedifresh.  Click products for more details.

Pricing as follows
7" (2) - $33.00
10" (2) - $39.00
12"(2) + Limited Edition Butter Rugs - $49.00
6 Pack - $110.00

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