“Naked Version” SuperSeal VII Pro 4 (Slightly Imperfect) 12”


$ 7.50 $ 15.00

With the Robo etched on a side with no label covering the center!!! All sold out, except for these last collector's editions!!! (The normal version has labels on both sides). This comes in a blank white cover signed by Q!

On the back, every other label is different (1 of 2 label designs). These are not allowed to go out because they are ever so slightly bowed/dished on one side... But if you want them, they are extra cheap and easily fixed though, if you know what you’re doing, by gently bending all the way around the record and massaging the vinyl back to being perfect... or warm up slightly for a short time between two pieces of glass (watch youtube video: How to unwarp a warped record). Or just keep as a beautiful collector’s item and use the normal one on the turntables! So here is the last of them right here for ya! These will no doubt be worth a fortune in the future! Congrats! 🎉 

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