💿Gold Dirt Style 🔥Box Set! 🏆

Sold Out

Gold Dirt Style Box set!!! (Ships in one week) 

Beautiful box drawn on by Skratchy Seal himself and also signed by Q!!! 


One gorgeous gold record signed by Q and Skratchy (Does not play any Dirt Style sounds) made for you to frame and turn your skratch laboratory into a dope studio!!! 

One SuperSeal Giant Robo V action Figure!

Both sets of the 3” Japanese Stokyo/Thudrumble black and white record packs!

One of the last Japanese import 12” SuperSeal neon yellow/green records! 

A signed pair of two SuperSeal 10” VII Pro #3 neon orange records! 

A signed highly elusive white SuperSeal original Skipless 12” record! 

A pair of super dope unreleased experimental black Butter Rugs!

And more surprise free mystery gifts!

Only 3 Gold Dirt style box sets like this in existence! All drawn slightly different by Skratchy and differentiated from the Platinum Box Set which has a Silver trash can in the logo! Have a blast of happiness every time you see these trophies in your collection!!! 

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