SuperSeal VII Pro part #4 R. FOOT 12”

$ 15.00


💿 12” SuperSeal Pro VII part #4 Produced by the Galactic Toad! 🔥 Extreme funky fun and the hardest SuperSeal yet for the pro skratchers and novices out there! If you can get funky with phrases and are learning to work the wordplay, then this is the top pick for all you kut killas out there! 💪🏽One side has mid tempo samples and the other side is full of ill samples for uptempo and halftime beats! Lock beat grooves at the ends... and of course there’s the skipless aah at the starts for whenever you need em! 👌🏽Limited edition in yellow/green with an etching of the SuperSeal Giant Robo directly over the grooves which does not interfere with the sounds whatsoever! 1 in 12 records has a beautiful surprise single label collector’s perfect Naked Version w the etching and no label on that side! Back cover has the desert storm right leg art by East3... All 7 Pro series records have different sounds on each part, collect them all to form the whole desert storm giant B-bot!!! 🏆 Only $15!!!

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